I am available as an accompanist for rehearsals, performances & taped auditions. I also provide clean sheet music for audition selections or transcriptions, and mp3's (MIDI or live piano) for rehearsals & auditions. I also teach and coach singers!

I am a skilled, enthusiastic and versatile accompanist. I have 10+ years' of experience playing Musical Theatre, Sacred, Secular, Pop, Country, Rock and Jazz music on the piano and organ. I specialize in sight-reading (especially for auditions) and rehearsal  accompaniment. I can play from sheet music or tablature. 

I also have experience as musical director and vocal coach. I have musical directed several full-scale musicals and smaller cabarets. I have an MFA in Acting from UC San Diego and am uniquely qualified to coach singers in not only singing but acting their repertoire.

Rehearsal Accompanist

Need to practice some music for an audition? I'm available! I will meet you at a rehearsal studio in the city or even my home in Queens. Schedule as much time as you need and feel free to record.

Rates: $25/30 min - $40/60 min - want to bring a friend and split 60 minutes for $20 each? Sounds great!

Rehearsal Tracks & Sheet Music

Do you have new music to learn and no time to get to a studio? Want a clean mp3 of the accompaniment to practice with asap? Need a song cut to a usable 16- or 32-bar selection? In a new key? Need a clean copy of that ancient hand-written score? I can usually provide a 12-hour turnaround on rehearsal tracks & sheet music projects!

Rehearsal track rates: $15/up to 32 bars - $20/full song (within reason!) - $3/transposition - $5/rush service (within a few hours, when possible)

Sheet music: $15/clean 16-32 audition selection with intro & ending (internal cuts no problem!) - $10/transposition only (transposition + any other sheet music service = free!)

Go to the "contact" page if you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment. Coming soon: downloadable examples of my work!