Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
American Repertory Theatre in Boston, MA

WBUR: "It's a large ensemble, and they are all, from Natasha and Pierre to the young woman plucking out violin pizzicato in her 19th-century skivvies, terrific." (full review)


Feb-April 2014
Irish Repertory Theatre, 132 West 22nd Street

TheatreMania: "Rhein offers a...multifaceted approach to Riordan; her relationship with the surgeon [has] real chemistry." (full review)

Theatre Is Easy: "Rhein…is a particular standout, possessed of a strong, clear voice (plus, she plays the violin)." (full review)

StageBuddy: "Pearl Rhein as Bride Riordan was also a standout: the deep, soulful quality of her voice carried the musical along its voyage." (full review)

Wolf Entertainment Guide: "…the skeptical but hopeful Bride Riordan, played fetchingly by Rhein…" (full review)


May-June 2014
Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta, GA 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Most versatile is the New York-based Pearl Rhein as an uptight snob who undergoes the biggest transformation, not so much letting down her hair as putting on a silly bouffant…" (full review)

Creative Loafing Atlanta said: "...a serious scene between Jo and Mary Lou strives for more emotional truth than the play's jokiness, with Baggett and Rhein emerging as the most charismatic musical performers." (full review)

Edge Boston (why were they there??): "Pearl Rhein, who plays Mary Lou, the violinist, stands out as an amazing musician. She plays the violin, mandolin, accordion and (I think) the bass and piano...Rhein plays her role with great verve and conviction." (full review) [editor's note: Pearl played violin, mandolin, accordion, steel guitar, accordion & piano.]

August 2014
The Weston Playhouse in Weston, VT


The Rutland Reader: "Pearl Rhein was a particularly fine fiddler, but she also sang, danced and played the whistle with flair." (full review) "The young musicians respond to [Cass] Morgan eagerly, and they turn to each other as they play, trading lines of music and instruments with the casual, warm skill of a jam band, as though they have played at this pub every Friday night for years." (full review)



March 2012
Arena Stage in Washington DC

The Washington Post: "...a hooker, played by the terrific Pearl Rhein…" (full review)

ShowBizRadio: "...a thoroughly unpleasant prostitute (Pearl Rhein, who doubles nicely as the violinist in several musical sequences)…" (full review)

We Love DC: "Pearl Rhein has an underrated role as both a prostitute that Richard encounters and a violinist who anchors much of the show’s soundtrack." (full review)